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The Story of Earthsensial

Olivya Sitorus started Earthsensial in 2021. Her family’s long tradition of natural healing and knowledge of the local flowers and plants was her inspiration. 

Earthsensial are 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils, developed and produced in harmony with the local environment. From Lemongrass to Patchouli all are harvested in the nearby villages of Cikujang and Cipanjang from local farmers and then sent to Earthsensial’s distillery for processing. The cold temperature and the organic fertilizer used, works wonderfully to maintain the quality of the plants we use to make our essential oils. Moving forward, we are working towards our organic certification.

Not only sourcing from homegrown plants, we also outsource our raw materials from other local farm’s from throughout Indonesia, such as Kalimantan and Papua.

All of our varieties of our essential oils meet the standard of Certificate of Analysis, a qualification testing by laboratorium analysis. Made into pure essential oils by a chemical engineer, who’s been planting and gathering plants for research across the islands of Indonesia, and crafting recipes for essential oils from early 1997.

Quality and purity are important to us. We like to stay pure and sustainable with small batches. We want it to be the highest quality at all times.

We look into our packaging details. Our essential oils are carefully stored in a dark matte bottle made of glass for quality and recycling purposes. Also with other supporting materials, we consider their impact on the ecosystem. From the recyclable box, to all-about-us info carved on a wooden cube so that paper printing won’t be necessary every time. 

We are looking for a special market who appreciates quality and purity like we do.

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