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I’m a Patchouli

I’m a Patchouli


Pogostemon Cablin


flower based essential oil with scent of the rain and the earth, great for grounding. This is 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oil you can use for massage, on the back of your ears, on your wrists, or add to a warm bath, your unscented candle, your diffuser, or add water to make room spray. Add carrier oil if you prefer to.


Size. Material. Price.


A nice 10ml travel size fit in your palm and great to bring anywhere. The dark matte colored bottle is recyclable and made of glass to keep the quality of our essential oil. You can reuse your travel size bottle by opening the filter and fill in from the bigger size bottle soon available in the website.


10 ml | 6,5 x 2,5 cm | RP 89,000




Safe to store in room temperature.

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